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Three Things You Need To Discuss Before Hiring A VR Production Company

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Whether you’re developing a virtual reality game or app, or you simply need 360-degree content for your company’s projects, it’s generally best to hire a virtual reality company that already has the skills and equipment needed to make your vision come to life. Before you sign the contract, however, there are three things you need to discuss to minimize misunderstandings and ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Fixed or Flex Pricing Read More»

When The Clock Is Ticking, Use These Strategies To Escape

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If you haven’t previously experienced an escape room, this can be a fun and memorable night out for you and your employees — and even an opportunity to work on your team building. Escape rooms can vary significantly from one to the other, which makes it fun to try a series of different rooms over several outings if you enjoy yourself the first time. Even though rooms’ layouts and designs may differ, adopting a conventional approach can often yield success — meaning that you’ll escape the room before time elapses. Read More»

3 Excellent Tips For Catching A Lot Of Bass

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There are a lot of great fish to catch today, but in terms of size and power, it’s hard to match the fun of bass fishing. This freshwater and marine species can be found in many areas, and if you’re looking to better your odds of catching them, consider these helpful tips.  Keep Your Hooks Sharp Before ever throwing out your line into the water, you must first make sure that your hook is sharp. Read More»

Four Things You Can Do To Ring In The New Year

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Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are steeped in tradition. You may not have such a set plan for the new year, yet you want to commemorate the passing of time in a meaningful way. Here are four ideas on how to make this new year’s celebration special.  Go to a New Years Eve Party If you join one of the new years eve parties in your area, you can join in on a group of people that’s also out celebrating. Read More»

Time For School Assemblies: How To Enhance The Experience And Alleviate Potential Problems

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Now that the school year is almost half over, it’s time to start thinking about those end-of-year assemblies. Those wonderful activities that students tend to love, and teachers tend to loathe. The ironic thing is that the students and the teachers share a common reason for their feelings regarding assemblies; they cut into instructional time. If you’re planning end-of-year assemblies, do your best to make sure they’re as stress-free as possible. Read More»

3 Fun Ways to Divide Your Workforce for an Escape Room Outing

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Many employers use escape rooms as the perfect venue for a staff outing. In this environment, staff members can get to know each other better, while management may even be able to see previously unnoticed positive traits among certain staff members. If you’re headed to an escape room venue with a group from your office, you’ll want to give some thought on how to divide the group to compete against one another. Read More»

Tips For Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

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If you are starting to plan your dream wedding and you want to make sure that your guests are going to have a fantastic time that they will remember forever, you need to put some extra time into the entertainment planning. To help with this, you can take a moment to review the following tips. Hire Some Performers Sure, you might have already thought about hiring a band or a DJ, but you might want to take it a step further. Read More»

Want To Visit A Haunted House But Aren't Sure If If It's Worth It? Check Out The Reviews

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It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, it can be a fun night out to head to a haunted house to get a thrill. It’s possible you live in an area in which there are several haunted house locations to visit and you wonder if it’s worth the trip there. Will it be a fun and exciting time? One way to find out if an attraction is worth the price is to check out their reviews. Read More»